14 March 0

Support Application for the Potato Crops

This project was developed as a part of my internship in the national agriculture and livestock research institute (INIA),  in its Remehue headquarters. It consisted in a prototype of a mobile application that allowed the sending of alert messages to a predefined number of subscribers. These alerts notified the user and gave advices concerning the […]

13 March 0


The DIGP UTFSM Website was developed for the Project and Research Management Direction of the Technical University Federico Santa María. For its development, the WordPress CMS was used along with a responsive theme. Its main sections are: news, contact (it has a contact form and google maps), and several pages with content regarding the direction. […]

12 March 0

RedGT Website

The RedGT website was developed along with Melissa Urzúa  who redesigned the corporate identity (logo and color layout). It was implemented using the WordPress CMS, considering features such as an image slider, contact form, twitter integration (retrieving last tweets and showing them in a widget), a map of chile that shows all the RedGT headquarters. […]

11 March 0

Performance Evaluation System

The Performance Evaluation System allows the different management areas of the Regional Ministerial Secretaries of health, to evaluate the performance of their employees according to the standard protocol established for this purpose. At first there was a complete redesign of the data model and it was implemented using the MySQL database engine. To develop the […]

10 March 0

Declaration of Invention System

The declaration of invention system allows an authorized user to enter relevant data (projects, authors, funding, etc) that is used internally by the DIGP, One of the tasks that were carried out, was the creation of a data model that fit the requirements of the required fields established by the DIGP. This model was then […]