Hello everyone! My name is Jorge Courbis, I’m a computer scientist from the Technical University Federico Santa María since 2011. Right now I work as a software engineering in Neering SpA in Valparaiso, Chile, and also as a freelancer.

My main knowledge are software development using C/C++ and QT, Python, PHP and MySQL, PostgreSQL and SQLITE3 database engines; Linux system administration and digital marketing. For the time being, most of the development I work on are made for the WordPress CMS where I can code at frontend and backend level.

My technical interests are related to the areas  of: Software Engineering, UI/UX, Linux system administration, IT security, design patterns, applied cryptography, agile methods of development and digital marketing. I am a fan of Open Source Software and I work with these kind of tools wherever it is possible and also try to encourage their adoption.

Regarding my general interests, these are: psychology, botany, english and spanish grammar and digital photography.

You can download a copy of my résumé digitally signed with my public key from here:

Jorge Courbis Résumé (spa)

Digital SIgnature Jorge Courbis Résumé.pdf.sig

My public key is 0x2B60E2D7 and you can download it from here

Public key jcourbis

And if you want to contact me you can do so from the contact form located here

I only have the social networks listed in this site, so any other that you might see, either belongs to someone else or haven’t been created by me and therefore are not an official mean to contact me or to receive information from.