1 April 0

I’m Back In Slack…ware

It's been a really long time since the last time I wrote a post, but finally I'm back with new laptops and my favorite distro. One of the good things of moving to Vancouver is that they have more laptop models so I could get a good deal for a small 11.6" HP laptop which [...]
24 October 0

Screen Saver bug in Mint 17

I have been using Linux Mint (XFCE) in my main computer for over a year and a half and i had to upgrade from version 16 to 17 due to the old repositories that were no loger working and I was getting stuck with the new available software (specially browsers’ security updates). In order to […]

20 May 0

Use of Tar

This is a post that I wrote a long time ago and I noticed is the statistics of my site that was being accesed, so I rewrote it and updated it. Introduction Tar (Tape archive) refers to 2 different things. One is a format that was developed a long time ago, in the beggining of […]