Screen Saver bug in Mint 17

I have been using Linux Mint (XFCE) in my main computer for over a year and a half and i had to upgrade from version 16 to 17 due to the old repositories that were no loger working and I was getting stuck with the new available software (specially browsers’ security updates). In order to accomplish that, I DID NOT run a fresh install but instead, edited the values of the sources.list file so they reference the new version.

For some reason when the process finished, lots of things were better and/or fixed, but there was a new bug with the screen saver. The problem was that it got triggered randomly and not only that but it also didn’t disappear when the mouse was moved or keys were pressed making it a pain to work because the whole desktop area was completely covered. It could be cleared by moving the mouse so the trail made the cleaning but it was easier to just activate the “show desktop” option to clear everything at once.

Unfortunately I haven’t found a fix for this screen saver bug in mint 17, but a workaround that works is just disabling the screen saver. This way, even we can’t use it anymore, at least the normal workflow won’t get interrupted. If I find a fix I’ll publish it in another post.