Slackware 14.2, Ionic 2 and Android SDK

This is my first post regarding Slackware and my motivation is basically how to install an environment, that is ideal to develop, compile and deploy Ionic 2 apps. Besides, there were so many small details, that it's easy to get frustrated. Before getting our hands dirty, I'll show you my initial setup. Slackware  14.2 stable [...]
9 April 2017

I’m Back In Slack…ware

It's been a really long time since the last time I wrote a post, but finally I'm back with new laptops and my favorite distro. One of the good things of moving to Vancouver is that they have more laptop models so I could get a good deal for a small 11.6" HP laptop which [...]
1 April 2017

Screen Saver bug in Mint 17

I have been using Linux Mint (XFCE) in my main computer for over a year and a half and i had to upgrade from version 16 to 17 due to the old repositories that were no loger working and I was getting stuck with the new available software (specially browsers’ security updates). In order to […]

24 October 2015

Eloquent requires PDO

If you want to use the Eloquent ORM in Laravel or integrated in some other framework, you have to consider if the PDO driver is installed and activated in your server because Eloquent requires PDO. If only MySQLi is installed, it won’t work and will crash spitting errors such as. Fatal error: Class ‘PDO’ not […]

25 September 2015

WordPress and SQLite

When you install WordPress, one of the installation requirements is to have a MySQL database, therefore you’re restricted to that particular engine. However, it’s possigle to use SQLite 3 as an alternative. To give a little context, some time ago existed (well it still exists) a plugin called PDO for WordPress which allowed the integration aforementioned […]

13 September 2015

Slim Php, Eloquent and DB facade

Lately I have been using the Slim Php microframework along with some other additional components to develop some personal projects. So far the experience has been pleasant and straightforward but not without the typical problems that one has to face when learning new frameworks. I had a small problem regarding the execution of custom SQL queries […]

23 July 2015