Plugin Development for “El Circo del Mundo”


Among the tasks that were carried out, the first one was to create a full backup of the entire site and after that, an upgrade of the Wordpress version was performed (at that time it was the 3.8). To prevent possible conflicts with the existing theme and plugins already installed in the site, several compatibility tests were executed  in order to check that the functionality would not be affected. One of the plugins developed allowed the administrator to upload images that could be used as the background of the body element of the site and also allowed a randomization of the background order. The plugin has a special section in the Wordpress administration page that allows the management of the images, Another implemented plugin allowed the creation of special elements that consist of text, images and links that could be added to a "featured" category as well as sorted using a field designed for this purpose. These are presented in a 2-column and n-rows structure where each cell corresponds to one of the aforementioned elements and in case of having a "featured" category, the image is shown in a bigger size and only in 1 column. These are managed in a section of the Wordpress administration panel called "featured element".