Project file card system


The project file card system allows the filling and saving or relevant data used by the  DIGP UTFSM concerning a project file card where several fields must be stored such as author, funding, content, etc. A data model was created in accordance to the fields required by the file card and it was later implemented using the MySQL database engine. The data is entered through a custom designed form that includes some validators for some fields such as the rut (chilean ID). There was also an integration with the SAML system of the Technical University Federico Santa María, to make sure that only authorized personnel could access it. The system was developed using the PHP Silex microframework and the MySQL database engine. The UI was implemented using CSS3, the Zurb Foundation Framework (version 5)  and jQuery. The required files for the SAML integration were provided by the university. As the final part of the system,  a management panel was created that allows the export of the file cards in PDF format using the TCPDF library.