Support Application for the Potato Crops


This project was developed as a part of my internship in the national agriculture and livestock research institute (INIA),  in its Remehue headquarters. It consisted in a prototype of a mobile application that allowed the sending of alert messages to a predefined number of subscribers. These alerts notified the user and gave advices concerning the spraying of fungicides on the potato crops when certain environmental conditions were met (humidity, temperature, etc). This data was gathered from monitoring stations located in several places throughout  the southern part of Chile. The application also allowed some basic data querying about relevant climate information from the cellphone. All the data was stored on a remote server. The application prototype was developed using j2me because at that time most cellphones in the market didn't have an android or iOS OS. The main server was based on apache 2.x along with a MySQL server. To visualize the data, a simple set of pages were created using PHP, HTML and CSS. The main pages of the mobile application were: a location list, a data displaying page and a configuration page. As a part of the design process, I was in charge of the design of the UI/UX, database model and several diagrams used in software engineering (use cases, classes, etc).