Acf-qtranslate and widget editing problems

If you use qtranslate or qtranslate-x to translate your webiste, and, you also use acf (advanced custom fields), it is probably that you installed the acf-qtranslate plugin because it adds extra field types that are more appropriate for multi language sites due to an easier display (i.e: a textarea that has N tabs and each tab is a language).

The problem occurs when the acf-qtranslate version is 4.4.0. This causes some strange bugs in the administration section of WordPress, for example being unable to edit sidebars, widgets and mostly anything that uses javascript.

When you perform an analysis using tools such as firebug, you can notice an error like the following:

TypeError: acf.o is null

In this case the only solution is to update the plugin because this issue is fixed since the 4.4.1 version.